[nfbwatlk] Talk Show Tomorrow Night, October 12, at 6:00

debby phillips semisweetdebby at gmail.com
Wed Oct 12 07:00:13 CDT 2011

Hi MIKE, Although we have gone to vote by mail, there is no 
reason that someone can't go to a voting site, as at least in 
Stevens County one may still drop ballots off.  The first "! that 
I was able to vote totally privately without anyone reading my 
ballot to me or knowing how I voted, tears came to my eyes.  
Never since the time I was 18 and voted for the first time have I 
been able to vote secretly and independently.  The first time I 
voted I went with my mother and she helped me to vote.  The 
second time I went to vote, I was alone and I had the indignity 
of having the poll worker who was going to help me vote, plus a 
member of each party.  So there we were, the four of us, 
scrunched in to a voting booth.  The women from each party were 
not exactly thrilled to be scrunched in to that booth either, 
each watching what was happening.  It was a circus.  Totally.  I 
agree with you, vote by mail is so well, just not right.  I bet 
someday they'll have a system where you can call in your vote.  
Yuk!  Sorry I'm rambling.    Debby

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