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October 13. 2011


Dear Mike, 


This newsletter is all about the search - well, the search for content on
NFB-NEWSLINER, anyway.  We've made some great service enhancements lately,
and the newest enhancement is specifically a result of our subscribers'




Many of you have likely enjoyed the global publication search made available
via Web News on Demand. For those of you who are dedicated phone-access
users, however, we have some great news: you can now benefit from this great
service enhancement when calling into NFB-NEWSLINER! With this fantastic
feature, you can search to locate news stories regarding issues that are
relevant to your career or class work, as well as stories that are of
personal interest. You can, for example, search for "appellate court ruling"
to see how an important court case that is of direct relevance to your
industry was decided, or you can search for "Seahawks" to see results for,
and commentary on, the previous nights' game in which they played.


To use the new global publication search, from the main menu you'll want to
press "0" to enter the subscribers' control panel, and from there press "4"
to access the global publication search feature. 


To create a new search, press "8" and follow the prompts. First you'll be
asked to set up your search parameters, and you have the ability to conduct
your search through the widest possible scope, or to narrow the search
parameters to only search for your term or phrase in specific publication
types. By selecting your desired search parameter within each search
category, you can create a custom search so as to give you the best and most
accurate search results for your specific needs. You can determine in what
type of content you want your search to be conducted by such criteria as
content issue date, whether to restrict your search to just that content
that is in your favorites list, as well as the type of content, such as just
newspapers or only magazines. Please note that, per search, you are only
able to select one option for each search parameter type; that is, you
cannot select the options for both "Newspapers" and "Magazines" in one
search incidence. You can, if you wish, create two search types for a
particular term or phrase, so that one search looks only in newspapers and
the other looks for the search term only in magazines. so as to specifically
target your search for these two content types. Once you've set up your
desired search parameters, you will then need to enter your search phrase.
To do so, press "2" and enter your phrase using the key below:


As an example, if you're in the travel and tourism business, you can do a
search for "tourism" by entering "20, 15, 21, 18, 09, 19, 13" to look for
articles about your industry.


If you're stuck and need help, press the pound key to get additional
information. If you want to hear what you've entered so far, enter "96;" if
you've made an error, you can delete the last character by pressing "97," or
you can clear the search by pressing "98."  Once you've finished entering
your search word or phrase, press "99."


After you've finished creating your custom search, NFB-NEWSLINER will queue
up the content (such as newspaper articles) that contains your search
term(s). You can navigate through the results to find your desired content
by pressing the "1" and "3" keys to move backward and forward through the
queued items. You may also choose to use the pound nine (#9) function to
request that a particular item be sent to you via e-mail (assuming we have
your current e-mail address on file).


The global publication search feature is the same for both online and
phone-based access methods, so if you've used the feature on Web News on
Demand to look for words or phrases, you'll note that your previous search
terms are available; to access a previously created search, press the keys
corresponding to the search you wish to perform. 


After you've set up a search, you have several options available. To edit
the search parameters, press "1." To hear the content that contains your
search term(s), press "2." To receive an e-mail of all of your search
results, press "3." And to delete this search, press "4." 





a: 0, 1     b: 0, 2      c: 0, 3     d: 0, 4     e: 0, 5     

f: 0, 6     g: 0, 7      h: 0, 8     i: 0, 9       j: 1, 0

k: 1, 1     l: 1, 2      m: 1, 3     n: 1, 4     o: 1, 5       

p: 1, 6     q: 1, 7     r: 1, 8      s: 1, 9      t: 2, 0 

u: 2, 1     v: 2, 2     w: 2, 3     x: 2, 4     y: 2, 5 

z: 2, 6




Space: 0, 0                                          Colon: 2, 7 

Period: 2, 8                                          Forward Slash: 2, 9

Quotation Mark: 4, 0                            Apostrophe: 4, 1

Comma: 4, 2                                        




0: 3, 0     1: 3, 1     2: 3, 2     3: 3, 3     4: 3, 4

5: 3, 5     6: 3, 6     7: 3, 7     8: 3, 8     9: 3, 9





We have more exciting search news: we have just improved the existing search
feature used when conducting searches in within a particular content type,
such as newspapers or magazines. After you've entered into the articles
level of the publication in which you wish to conduct a search, press the
pound key twice (#, #) to access the search function. While performing the
search has remained the same, that is, each letter, number, and punctuation
mark is assigned a two-digit code, we've made it much easier to read those
articles that contain the term. Instead of pressing "#, #, 9, 9" to navigate
to the next occurrence of the term or phrase within the publication, you can
press the "1" and "3" keys to move backwards and forwards through the queued
items. You may also choose to use the pound nine (#9) function to request
that a particular item be sent to you via e-mail (assuming we have your
current e-mail address on file). 





Here's a tip to help you get the best results from your search and get
exactly what you're after. If you're looking for a discrete whole word such
as "Apple," to read about a new Apple Inc. product, you can narrow your
search so that the articles returned to you contain just the word "Apple"
but not, for example, "Applebee's" or "Appleton" or "appletini." To do this,
press "0, 0" to place a space after you've entered the last letter (in this
case, "e") of the word, and then press "9, 9" to set your search term. 





We hope that you enjoy the new phone-access method feature and improvement,
and that they enhance your experience using NFB-NEWSLINER. If you have any
questions about this new feature, please call us at (866) 504-7300.





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