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Good news for blind lawyer prospects.  Another reason, "Why the National Federation of the Blind."

Bennett Prows, J.D.

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>Greetings, as most know, we were victorious in getting the Supreme 
>Court to deny the National Conference of Bar Examiner's Petition for a 
>Writ of Certiorari on October 4th.  This kept in place the 9th 
>Circuit's decision issued on January 4th of this year that an entity 
>such as NCBE must offer the accommodations to a test taker with a 
>disability that best ensure that the exam measures the individual's 
>apptitudes and abilities rather than their disability.  In Stephanie's 
>case, this meant that NCBE was ordered to provide the Multistate Bar 
>Exam and Multistate Professional Responsibility Exam on a computer with 
>assistive technology.  This portion of the litigation tied back to U.S.
>District Court Judge Charles Breyer's original grant of a preliminary 
>injunction ordering the accommodations.
>After the 9th Circuit victory, we moved for summary judgment  on 
>Stephanie's claims and asked the Court to issue a permanent injuction 
>ordering the accommodations.  I am very pleased to say that  today, 
>Judge Breyer granted summary judgment in our favor.  Attached you will 
>find an accessible pdf of the decision.  Through this whole time, 
>Stephanie has been represented by myself, Brown, Goldstein, and Levy of 
>Baltimore, and Disability Rights Advocates of Berkley.
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