[nfbwatlk] FW: UW researcher needs people who have been blind since early childhood

Mike Freeman k7uij at panix.com
Sat Jul 7 08:53:14 CDT 2012

While the assertion below that the blind may have better acuity in the other
senses is anathema to us, the research is legitimate and I urge those who
fit the criteria and can participate to do so. Ms. Fine has spoken at our
conventions and I may try to get her back to describe her work at this
year's convention.


Mike Freeman



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Subject: UW researcher needs people who have been blind since early


We are forwarding a recruitment notice (below) for subjects for a research
study at the University of Washington, in case you are interested or know
someone else who would be.  This message is sent from WTBBL to patrons who
might be eligible for the study.  Your email address has not been shared. 


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Dr. Ione Fine at the University of Washington is looking for subjects for a
study that examines the effects of blindness on the ability to process
tactile and auditory processing. It is thought that because visual loss
increases the need to rely on other senses, the ability of blind people to
process auditory and tactile information may be enhanced. We are examining
how this happens in the brain. If you choose to participate you will be
asked to participate in MR experiments. 


We will ask you to lie in an MR scanner while you make simple judgments
about tactile and/or auditory stimuli. You may be asked to participate in as
many as five MR imaging sessions (each session lasts up to 2 hours, and each
session will be carried out on a different day).  Participants will be paid
$45/hour for imaging sessions. Subjects will also be fully compensated for
travel time (compensation is generally $90-$135 per session) and door to
door transportation via a car service will be provided.


Subjects participating in the MR experiments must have no metal objects in
or on the body during the scan.


Currently we are only recruiting subjects who became blind (using the
definition of having visual acuity of light perception or worse) before the
age of three.  


Anyone interested in volunteering should contact Dr. Ione Fine at the phone
number or email address below.


Eligibility: To participate you must be 18 years of age or older, should be
blind due to damage to the eyes or optic nerve (not cortical impairment),
should have no history of claustrophobia, and no metal objects in or on the
body during the scan. 


Contact Information: 206-685-6157

 <mailto:ionefine at u.washington.edu> ionefine at u.washington.edu 

(Pease note: the confidentiality of information sent via e-mail cannot be


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