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Fellow NFB of Washington members and friends:


Most of you know that the NFB of Washington has had an arrangement with
Volunteers of America of Western Washington to handle vehicle donations to
us since 2005. I have just learned that VOA of Western Washington no longer
handles such donations itself but refers them to its national organization,
Volunteers of America, with which the NFB of Washington does *not* have a
contract. Hence, I deem our arrangement null and void.


Fortunately (see below), the NFB now has a national program such that people
can donate vehicles and other such items to the NFB nationally. Of course,
it has always been the view within NFB that anything that benefits NFB
nationally also benefits the state affiliates, local chapters and state and
national NFB divisions. Thus, unless there are strenuous objections, I
propose to refer all vehicle (boat, tractor, RV, airplane, etc.) donations
to our national program.


I haven't decided yet whether to modify the NFB of Washington web site. In
some ways, it might be beneficial to keep the web site as it is but I can
also see reasons to put a link to the national donation page and the (855)
number on our site.


Comments welcome.


Please read below and, as the message urges, consider ways to promote the
NFB national vehicle donation program.


Thank you.


Mike Freeman, President

NFB of Washington



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Dear NFB Chapter Presidents,


The National Federation of the Blind always steps up to get the job done.
Many chapters are actively working to assist in finding new financial
support for our national movement and we have just launched a new program
that should allow each of our chapters to make a difference. The National
Federation of the Blind has launched a vehicle donation program. The vehicle
donation program allows us to accept car donations anywhere in the United
States. Our national office has been turning car donations away because we
have not had an effective program for managing these donations and turning
them into cash for the organization. We have now solved this problem and we
need your help to take advantage of this opportunity.


After extensive research, the Federation has made an agreement with Vehicles
for Charity to process our car donations. Besides cars, we also accept vans,
RVs, motorcycles, dirt bikes, boats, trucks, and tractors.  However, it is
up to us to capture the donors by promoting the fact that we can accept
vehicle donations and finding creative ways to get the word out. To begin, I
am asking you to take some immediate steps to help with this effort:

1.	Spread the word in your chapter that the NFB is now accepting
vehicle donations. Encourage members to send all referrals to the page on
our website  <http://www.nfb.org/vehicledonations>
www.nfb.org/vehicledonations or to our toll free vehicle donation number
2.	Get the word out to the public:

.        Flyers at all your events

.        Community Newspapers

.        Flyers on pizza boxes, milk delivery, any retail outlet

.        Advertise in church and school bulletins

.        New car dealers

.        Car repair shops

.        MVA

.        Local grocery store

.        Local insurance agencies

We will provide more ideas in the upcoming weeks!

3.       Promote this in your social media channels.

4.       Consider if there might be a member in your chapter who is looking
for a new opportunity to contribute to the movement and whether or not this
program might be a good fit for their skill set. We need Federationists who
can find creative ways to get the word out and who will uncover
opportunities to promote this in your state.

5.       Share with me ideas you have about how we can get the word out
about this program. 

As we move into spring we will be building this program out in more detail
and providing more supporting materials. If you assign a member to help
promote this program, please send their name and contact information to me
so we can send them communications. 


Let's Start Calling in the Cars!




Joanne Wilson

Director, Affiliate Development

Office of the President

200 East Wells Street at Jernigan Place

Baltimore, MD 21230

Phone: 410-659-9314 x2335

Email:  <mailto:jwilson at nfb.org> jwilson at nfb.org

 <http://www.nfb.org/> www.nfb.org


Make LemonAID out of LEMONS and Help Support Braille Literacy

Donate your car to the National Federation of the Blind Today!

For more information, please visit:  <http://www.nfb.org/vehicledonations>
www.nfb.org/vehicledonations or call 1-855-659-9314




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