[nfbwatlk] warning

Becky Frankeberger b.butterfly at comcast.net
Mon Jun 10 22:11:48 UTC 2013

June 10, 2013, about 2:45 PM 


I just got a call from a lady from Windows, first red flag. There have been
for four weeks dozens every day of error messages from my computer to them,
second red flag. They will help me get rid of the errors, third red flag.
This guy who called me back had no idea about screen readers, fourth flag.
So just be ware and do not let anyone take over your computer.  By the way
they said they will shut down my Windows in a few hours. He said I was lying
as blind people can't use a computer.  I asked him if he ever heard of
Narrator, just in case he was actually from Microsoft.  He had not. He had
my address not quite right, which I would not confirm. He asked if I had
windows 8. I said you opt to know which windows program I had.   


So anyway do not be fooled by this fishing scam to get information from you
or sell you something. By the way they called me back after I hung up the
first time as you saw above. Determined little creeps.


I ended up laughing at him by the way.  When he got nasty I hung up and told
him I was bored.


One spitting mad blond and her guard dog.


Becky and Jake  


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