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> Hi all,
> The petition in support of the treaty on accessible books for people who are blind  that is located on the White House website is finally accessible to people who are blind.  Since we’d like very much to reach 100,000 signatures on that petition, I strongly urge all of you to go to the White House site and sign this petition, even if you have already signed the one on the ACB website.  The White House petition can be found at
> https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/side-blind-over-obstructionist-companies-secure-treaty-blind-makes-books-accessible-globally/ZJtgcVph
> Please note: you will still be required to set up an account before you can sign the petition.  There is also a “challenge question,” which you will be required to listen to and type an answer to it into an edit box.  You only get to hear it once, but if you need to try again, you will be asked a different question.  Guess how I found that out? Smile!  At anyrate, the process is now usable, so I strongly urge you to use it.  Then, tell your friends and neighbors, whether visually impaired or fully sighted, to sign as well.  The deadline is June 21, and we need to generate as many signatures as possible.
> Thank you very much for your support.
> Melanie
> Melanie Brunson, Esq.
> Executive Director
> American Council of the Blind
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