[nfbwatlk] The latest Seahawks song

Becky Frankeberger b.butterfly at comcast.net
Thu Oct 3 21:00:50 UTC 2013

I am with the others. I can't get the facebook links to work write.

So go to 


and look under twisted tunes. Or you can use the search feature.  Bob said
this morning if you put "luck" in the search field you will get the song
Marcy referred to below.  Also check out the song about twelvth Man shout
the news, or something like that praising our loud fans.

Spike is amazing with his quick imitations and off the cuff drop down funny

Quick story, I was laying in bed barely awake when I hear sort of in the
background Pat Robertson. Wait, no, that is Spike doing a spot on older Pat
Robertson saying the most outlandish stuff.  I was practically crying
laughing so hard. The bed was a rockin. My husband startled awake, "What!
What! Are you alright?!" heheehheheh!

"Sing it loud loud loud. Make us proud proud proud. Twelvth man shout the

By Spike and the Impalers 

Becky shouting the news as well 

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Here is this week's Seahawks Twisted Tune from  KJR FM's Spike O'Neill. Go


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