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Subject: [ccer] Oregon VR Youth Transition Program (YTP) Coordinator Job Opportunity

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Subject: VR Youth Transition Program (YTP) Coordinator Job Opportunity

Good Morning Everyone,

I am asking you to pass the word about an exciting employment opportunity with Oregon Vocational Rehabilitation. VR is now recruiting for the Youth Transition Program (YTP) Coordinator. Are you passionate about program development that helps young people achieve their employment goals? Do you have experience with managing contracts and budgets? Have you worked with schools or workforce programs in the past? Then this may be the position for you!

YTP is a nationally and internationally recognized best practice in transition services for students with disabilities. YTP has two distinct but interconnected goals. The first is to improve post school outcomes for students with disabilities by preparing them for employment, post-secondary education, and independent living. The second is to foster positive system change and coordination between schools and VR. General information about the program can be found on the YTP website: http://www.ytporegon.org/

The YTP Coordinator plays a lead role in managing the relationships, contracts and budgets with over 115 school districts in the state. This position plays a vital role in capacity building across the state and developing partnerships with our local school districts. Further information about the position can be found in the job posting: https://www.governmentjobs.com/careers/oregon/jobs/1700186/program-analyst-2-youth-transition-program-coordinator

The location for this position is negotiable but there will need to be some days (approximately two a week) based in Salem with some additional travel around the state to support local YTP teams. The job posting will close on 4/24/2017 11:59 p.m. so please help me spread the word!

All the best,


Keith Ozols
Workforce and Youth Manager
Vocational Rehabilitation
500 Summer St NE, E-87
Salem, Oregon 97301
503-945-5679 (desk)
503-602-4055 (cell)
keith.s.ozols at state.or.us<mailto:keith.s.ozols at state.or.us>

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