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Congratulations Phillip,on the engagement. When Kevin and I were talking
about marriage we called Social security separately. I got a no that I would
lose my benefits and he got a yes we could each keep our benefits. Now mind
you the law is narrow and both of us fit under the exceptions, smile. So we
both keep our benefits. In our case we hired an SS lawyer. Best two hundred
dollars I ever spent. So read the law yourself and ask, or hire an SS

Warm smile,
Becky and Jake clapping his paw paws  
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Hello everybody. I know I don't talk very often on this forum, but I have
some important news.  First of all I wanted to let everybody know that Lark
Braun and I are engaged.  Due to issues with Social Security we don't know
when the actual wedding will occur, but we do expect that it will be a while
from now.

Second Lark and I are going to Oakharbor to work with my brother and a
robotics club from the Oak Harbor high school.  They are experimenting with
developing a helmet that would help the blind determine how far away objects
are. I know this technology in some ways has already been developed and in
other ways has been a flop. I however thought it would be helpful to go
there and try out what they have developed and give them some pointers. I
was wondering if there might be any members of the NFB who would be
interested in coming with us or perhaps arranging to meet with the members
of this robotics club themselves. Lark and I are planning to go to Oakharbor
Saturday, March 4.

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