[NFBWATLK] a letter from New York, and how I'm doing here at HHknc.

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Thanks for the update. I hope things go more smoothly for you soon.  I know about crazy stuff from the dictation. Sometimes it is funny and I leave it that way. 

Blessings in Jesus’ name. “But as for me, I will sing about your power. Each morning I will sing with joy about your unfailing love. For you have been my refuge, a place of safety when I am in distress.”
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Good evening, to all of you back there in Washington, I just figured I’d take a moment to write a general email telling you all how I’m doing. First of all this weekend seems to be pretty much on the icebox side. I don’t think it got much above freezing. It is foster warm up later in the week.

Let me start out by saying that for some of you a brief bit of minor history would hopefully help you out here. Shortly after state convention last year I have received word that I would be starting here at the Helen Keller national Center. Many of the problems they encountered at state convention quickly manifest themselves when I started. It took two and half months pretty much determined that I was wearing the wrong aids for the level of hearing that I now have. Unfortunately let me explain my hearing this way if my hearing were any worse I would probably be much more readily considering the implant. But fortunately for me these hearing aids are helping. As far as things that are happening that make the training go slower than anyone ever thought. One my discussion above about the wrong agents certainly didn’t help the beginning of my time here to the fact that I think I wore at least three pairs of testing needs before the current ones were found to be effective enough that the training could proceed. So now that after the first two and half months of my time here was spent virtually testing hearing aids in different situations I have now moved into the training and unfortunately there’s a new what I’d like to call showstopper. Unannounced analogy. The good news is hopefully the next email that I write you guys will come from the new technology.

The other thing that has been making life go much more slowly than any of us planned quite frankly is mother nature is far as whether that’s nice enough to go out on travel. The issue would travel has been that the very warm New York winter unfortunately about the time that the hearing aid issues were finally installed decided to go back to what a New York winter is supposed to be like the winter after being pretty much nonexistent until early January has unfortunately changed into it for real New York winter. Thus making any type of reasonable travel experience be one where it would be to simply do not a good idea to do it. The hope is that later on in the spring trouble can pick up and good things will hopefully happen. The other hope he is later in the spring technology will arrive that will allow me to not use the current technology that is causing some problems just simply due to the age of the technology in question.

I’ve been told, that come summer time I guess they do take us to a baseball game or two. I don’t know which teams will be in New York when the tickets are for. But if it winds up that it’s Seattle that’s in town. I just be very quiet about it.

I will write another one of these emails to the list in two or three months just to give you guys a bit of an update on how things are going if there’s something exciting happening. There might be.

If anyone has any questions they can feel free to drop me a line. But if you do drop me a line just let me know that you’re asking me a question. I get so much spam in this email box that most of the email regrettably has to be deleted.

Your friend the NFB Maurice.
Please note that the above text that I’ve dictated to the computer, might contain misspellings, typographical errors, and/or other things that should not necessarily be there. They are the result of either the software, or the dictation process. If there’s something that you truly do not understand, that I’ve written? I will do my very best to clear up any misunderstandings. Thank you very much for reading this.
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