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Elizabeth Rene rene0373 at gmail.com
Tue Mar 21 19:11:40 UTC 2017

Hi Noel,
Thank you for posting this. I think we should all look for something and pursue it. Especially in the times we live in. Getting involved is so important now.
I am working on an application for a public member seat on the Medical Quality Assurance Commission.
I have also recently submitted, through the Bar Association, applications for appointment to the WSBA Disciplinary Board (appointed by the Supreme Court) and to the Committee on Professional Ethics (appointed by the WSBA Board of Governors). I now serve as chair of the WSBA's Character and Fitness Board and as a member of its Court Rules & Procedures Committee, and as an Alternate Lawyer Member of the Commission on Judicial Conduct. This has been some of my life's most meaningful experience.
Each of us has passions and talents that should be spent to the benefit of our communities. Serving on a board, committee, or panel working in the public interest – and to my mind involving something completely separate from blindness or disability, unless that's your ruling passion – is a great way to learn how democracy works and how to use and develop one's own skills to influence it for good.
Many positions open up from time to time for "public members" (non-lawyers) on committees and boards governed by the Washington Supreme Court and buy our state bar association. If you are interested in protecting vulnerable citizens, or in making access to justice available to those who cannot afford a lawyer, or in having a say about how law should be practiced in Washington, drop me an email and I may be able to point you to the place where you might most want to serve.
Good luck, and happy spring.

Elizabeth M René 
Attorney at Law 
WSBA #10710 
KCBA #21824
rene0373 at gmail.com 

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