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Fri Aug 11 15:33:51 UTC 2017

Greetings Fellow Federationists,

One of the presenters at our convention, Shannon Wells, is an author.  I suggested to her that she let us know about her books and maybe she can make some sales.  I don't know about you, but I really like to read and plan on purchasing all three books.  Please read on to learn more.  Shannon's E-mail is shown below if you wish to pre-order.

Wild Heart by Shannon Nicole Wells
Gage Colton, ex-gunman turned Christian is searching for the man who killed his father.  After witnessing a gunfight in Tombstone, he feels God urging him to change his plans.  If he obeys the Holy Spirit, it may cost him dearly; possibly even his life.  Shewana Christy, a young Cheyenne woman, is bent on revenge, in the hope that it will finally bring peace, something she has not known in a long time.  She has already avenged her mother's death and is looking for her father's murderer, when she is kidnapped at gunpoint and forced to hit the trail in the middle of the night.  With a posse in hot pursuit behind them, unknown dangers lurking ahead, and constant friction between them, will Gage and Shewana find what they were looking for, or will they answer that still, small voice of God, leading them in another direction?
Paperback copy: $10 thumb drive copy: $13

To Tame A Heart by Shannon Nicole Wells
Trusting in God used to come easy to rancher Deric Christy, but when lightning strikes, his faith is shattered. He falls prey to the voice of the enemy and finds himself the only suspect in a murder investigation. Dependent on a God fearing female physician, he soon realizes he can no longer run from the demons of his past. Times are tough for Dr. Faith Valentine. When she is asked to treat a stranger in town, her compassion will not let her refuse, but jealousy abounds, and there is a murderer who wants to keep a secret. Faith and Deric both must learn how to put the past behind them and allow God to work all things out for good. Meanwhile, Chase Colton, foreman on a neighboring ranch, attempts to convince his boss their love for one another can stand the test of time, if she will only say, "yes.
Paperback copy: $10 thumb drive copy: $13

A Moment in Time by S. J. Wells
Does the key to her future lie in the past? Bronwen Macleod is a modern American who needs no one, especially a man. Longing to connect with the land her grandparents called home and desperate to find the castle in her dreams, she is hurled into the past and straight into the arms of a fifteenth century Scottish Highlander. In a race against time to save a young man's life and her own, Bronwen's faith in God is put to the test. But God is faithful, and soon she learns she can rely on her heavenly Father for everything including a love that transcends time itself.
Paperback copy: $10 thumb drive copy: $13

All thumb drives have both a Word file and a plain text file of the book. To preorder, contact the author at
sjwells1611 at gmail.com<mailto:sjwells1611 at gmail.com>
Blog: sjwellsauthor.blogspot.com<http://sjwellsauthor.blogspot.com>

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