[Nfbwv-talk] Another Book for Sale at Convention

Smyth, Charlene R Charlene.R.Smyth at wv.gov
Mon Aug 14 14:21:30 UTC 2017

We also have another author, Anita Adkins, who will have her work for sale at convention.  Anita's book, "A Brothers Love", will be available on either thumb drive or SD card at convention for $7.99. You can also purchase it on Kindle  for 2.99. Also, if you have unlimited Kindle, then it is free. The reason it cost more if you purchase it from Anita at convention, is because you are also paying for the SD card or thumb drive. Anita believes they are for gig each.

The link for the Kindle copy of the book is pasted below.


The story is about a boy named Cody who has a blind, twin brother. Joey was blinded in an accident, and Cody blames himself for it. He is also dealing with all of the turmoil that comes along with blindness and he feels a strong need to protect his brother. So he tries to prevent his brother from receiving any training that will help him to become independent because Cody believes it is his job to take care of Joey. Cody makes several attempts to prevent Joey from going to a camp for blind kids, including trying to talk his parents out of it, sneaking away with Joey, and even giving Joey some medicine to make him sick so he can't go.

The blog address for Anita and Shannon is adkinsandwells.blogspot.com<http://adkinsandwells.blogspot.com>.

You can place your order with Anita via email at adkinsandwells at gmail.com<mailto:adkinsandwells at gmail.com>.

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