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update!  Just got off the phone with Julie, and started to get a "twinkle" 
about putting together a plan to hold a North Country regroup meeting, and 
invite folks through press releases, phone calls, and an invitation to Bruce 
Chipman.  We are thinking of an initial planning meeting November 7th which 
is a Friday.  With a planned gathering on Friday December 5th here in 
Littleton, site to be determined.  I know you don't work on Friday's so if 
this could work for you even at your home just the three of us could meet to 
determine if our plan could be implemented.  Just let us know, and many 
thanks for your original note.
*On another note Marie can you make sure that Julie Oakes is updated on this 
list with their Email address?  She is not currently receiving notes from 
the list.  Her Email address is:
JOAKES3 at roadrunner.com
Julie is going to give to me the $50 for the chapter dues that I will submit 
to the state affiliate.  Please let us know if we might all get together 
next Friday the 7th of November.  I can bring a snack or drinks.  Many 


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> Hi Gil,
> I have been thinking of the chapter a lot lately.  I have several patients
> who are blind............they think that their life is over now.   I just
> referred one to NHAB....and he was so excited....then he was told that he
> had to have vision in order to see the keys to used a voice activated
> computer....he is crushed!!!!!! UGH!
> I am in favor of paying the $50.00 and would be appreciate if you would 
> give
> the report.  I wish that we could re-activate the chapter........I am
> limited now due to health issues but am interested in pursuing this.  I 
> know
> that Betta really misses the support and think that she may be interested 
> in
> being active again also.
> Thanks so much to you and Julie and Kylie for all your efforts with the
> magic show....great job! Wish I could have been there.  The tech show was 
> a
> smashing success...congrats!!!
> Also, been meaning to write to the chapter re Brandon Wentworth. He has 
> had
> cancer for several months now. He had a full-time job at Wal-Mart and had
> short-term disability for a while.  He thought he had long-term disability
> but because he didn't read the fine print, he did not have long-term.  He 
> is
> without income now and his mother has been very concerned for the family.
> She has been asking that someone do some fundraising. I just can't do that
> now....but I was wondering if the chapter would consider making a donation
> and perhaps he would come back to our chapter too.
> I am in favor of meeting.
> Cami
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> meeting.
>> Greetings to all NH NFB North Country Chapter folks:
>> I'm posting this note as next Saturday the NH State Affiliate will be
>> conducting a board meeting in Concord.  I know we all have busy lives, 
>> and
>> although we have not met in a while I would like to provide updates to 
>> the
>> board as requested.  I am most willing to submit a report along with our
>> annual chapter fee of $50 if you all think we can authorize to do so.  so
>> of our past highlights include the Walter Childs Magic Show in September,
>> the Access Technology Expo also in September, and some outreach that both
>> Julie, and I have provided specific to advocating on behalf of a young
>> girl with a vision impairment that attends the NH Community college here
>> in Littleton.  a special thanks to Julie's daughter Kylie for her 
>> support,
>> and bringing this to Julie's attention.  In addition I've been following
>> the SSIL group with their meetings, and supports to bring in new members.
>> If anyone has additional information to add please do so that I can
>> compile this report in preparation for the board meeting.  Now one last
>> topic, the chapter fee.  If you all agree on this I probably could ask
>> Julie to get the $50 from the treasury so that I can submit to the state
>> affiliate.  If not we can request a waiver, but I think from the current
>> status of our treasury it would be in the best interest to pay the dues.
>> Also stay tuned as we are hopeful to receive another Imagination Fund
>> amount sometime in the future.
>> I hope everyone is doing well.  Maybe a goal to start the New Year will 
>> be
>> to find some time to have a meeting, and just get together.  In fact we
>> might want to think about an invitation to the various communities to
>> gather others with vision impairments.  I'm certain we can always find a
>> space like the Italian Oasis or a place where we all can meet.  Take 
>> care.
>> Cordially,
>> Gil Vickery
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