[Nh-north-country] Bette Ann

Bette-Ann Coy itbeme53 at roadrunner.com
Fri Jul 17 03:42:50 UTC 2009

. Hi Fellow NFB Members
    I am sending out this notice this evening to let you all know that 
yesterday I asked Julie Oakes to come by my place and pick up the NC NFB 
Treasury notes, bank statements and check book as I have decided it is time 
to stepdown as NC NFB Treasurer , my health and other family commitments are 
requiring me to make some changes  in my life at this time.
    I wish to say it has been a pleasure to serve the NC  NFB Chapter as 
well as on the State Board  of New Hampshire's NFB in years pass.  I do wish 
to remain a member of  NFB and keep in touch with you all and what is going 
on with NFB.
Bette Ann Coy

Bette Ann Coy 

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