[Njabs-talk] Online Privacy Survey

Joe Orozco jsorozco at gmail.com
Fri Jun 25 17:53:05 UTC 2010

Dear all,

Our office is currently exploring ways to engage disability groups in the
evaluation of accessibility features at popular websites.  We are involved
in active discussions with Facebook about their privacy settings, many of
our recommendations already having been implemented, and we hope to use the
momentum of these discussions to spearhead talks about accessibility.
Please help us cement our privacy concerns by taking this brief survey.
Your input is very much appreciated and will hopefully be a great starting
point with talks of accessible websites in the very near future.  My
employer has not generally concentrated on the disability community as part
of its work, and I hope that feedback from you guys will help it make
accessibility issues a more prominent part of our activities.  The survey
can be found at:



Joe Orozco

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