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Thu Nov 5 10:26:23 UTC 2009

2009 National Federation of the Blind of Kansas

State Convention Broadcast

       This first-ever broadcast of our annual State Convention is 
dedicated to the memory of Dean Stanzel a long-time member of the NFB 
of Kansas and the husband of Susie Stanzel.

Dean was a dedicated Federationist who believed that, whenever 
possible, blind people should take charge of whatever needed to be 
done. Many of you will remember him from the registration line at our 
annual convention. Dean would great you by saying, "I am Dean 
Stanzel. How may I help you?" Then he would take your money, give you 
your banquet ticket and pass your information down to Susie to be 
placed in your badge jacket. This was the Stanzel's convention 
tradition for about 25 years. He envisioned a means by which   to 
take the federation's message of hope to blind individuals, their 
families and blindness professionals in Kansas and beyond.

       In 2002 construction of the National Federation of the Blind 
of Kansas Web Site began. "With assistance from Michael Hanson of 
Nebraska The two designed and constructed the National Federation of 
the Blind of Kansas Web Site. Dean assumed full responsibility for 
its upkeep after initial construction was finished in 2005.

             At about this same time several State NFB Affiliates 
began broadcasting their annual state conventions. Dean's next dream 
was to take the proceedings of the NFB of Kansas State Convention to 
the World via the Internet. He was diagnosed with cancer in 2006. As 
his health gradually failed he was unable to keep up the affiliate's 
Web site. Dean passed away on June 21st 2007 his dream of 
broadcasting the affiliate's annual state convention unrealized.
However, this flame would not be quenched with his passing.

             History is full of examples of individuals who when 
faced with adversity and the possibility of never realizing their 
dreams in their life time called on relatives, friends, and others to 
carry on the work they began to see it to completion. Dean's wife 
Susie, along with members of our Kansas Affiliate sought someone that 
would rise to the occasion to make Dean's dream a reality. Peter 
Donahue of Texas answered the call and rose to the occasion. He is 
well-known for creating dynamic NFB Affiliate Web Sites and other 
information resources on the Internet. Thanks to his dedication to 
the movement and belief in the ability to reach large audiences via 
the Internet the National Federation of the Blind of Kansas is 
pleased to announce its first-ever broadcast of its annual state convention.

       The following convention sessions will be broadcast on 
November 7, and8, and 2009 from Salina Kansas:
Saturday November 7:
9:00-12:00 a.m. Saturday Morning Session;
1:00-5:00 p.m. Saturday Afternoon Session;
7:00-9:00 p.m. Annual Banquet.
9:00-11:00 p.m. Talent Show;

Sunday November 8:
7:00-8:45 a.m. Open worship Service
9:00-12:00 p.m. Sunday Morning Business session.

       The broadcast will also feature special presentations 
describing the work of the NFB and how it is changing what it means 
to be blind when the convention is not in session.

       To hear the broadcast go to:

and select the "Listen" link on the home page. If due to technical 
issues beyond our control or if you are unable to listen to the live 
broadcast archives will be posted shortly after the convention. Visit 
our home page for information concerning their availability and 
broadcast status.

<p>. Feel free to send us your questions for convention presenters. 
We will take questions and phone calls time permitting. Send all 
questions and comments to:

<mailto:convention2009 at nfbks.org>convention2009 at nfbks.org

                 To reach us by phone call: (210) 445-6378. Do not 
call the hotel should you experience technical issues with the 
broadcast. The above phone number is a direct line to individuals who 
will address these concerns.

             This broadcast is made possible by Station Playlist of 
Tauranga New Zealand. StationPlaylist Creator + Studio integrate to 
provide a very affordable and powerful radio broadcasting software 
solution for terrestrial radio and internet streaming / webcasting.
Also suitable for party DJ's and in-store music automation. These 
applications are very accessible with screen reading systems and are 
used by many blind individuals World-wide. For further information visit:


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