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Tara -

This is good news!  Let's go over the event planning together so you
know what we will be doing.

Step 1:
-  Participant teams will need to provide a $30.00 non-refundable
deposit by 10/16.  $30.00 covers both people, the blind student and
their chosen buddy. We can arrange to collect the deposits at your
convenience if you would like to be the collection point.  Personal
checks should be made payable to CUFSF.

** Note: You might be asking, why a $30.00 deposit per team when it
was no cost before?  Let me explain.  During the HSA training event,
we had paying students taking class.  We offered scuba intro to you at
no cost because we were going to engage you in our teaching scenarios.
 It didn't seem fair to ask you to pay and ask you to "work" by taking
part in the teaching of the class.

-  I will confirm a date for the class with the Rio Rancho Aquatic
Center.  I left a voicemail with the director today.  As soon as I
hear back from them I will let you know.

-  Participant teams will need to provide contact information:
First Name
Last Name

Step 2:
Once the date is confirmed and we have received participant contact
information and deposits:

-  Participant information will be used to collect additional personal
info needed to fit dive gear
-  Participants will be emailed the Medical and Liability Statements
and asked to fill out and have signed.

**Note: The forms we provide are industry standard forms and need to
be collected prior to class. Participants who fail to turn in the form
will not be allowed to take the class.

Step 3:
-  Communications: We will provide weekly updates and daily updates as
the class date draws nearer.  Because we are 100% volunteer and we
work regular jobs during the week, email is the most effective way to
communicate.  Let us know if your team has a preferred form of
communication so we can accommodate that request.

Michele Monsam
Intel Corporation l Information Technology l Data Center Systems l
Office (505) 893-9083 | Mobile (505) 414-8486 |
michele.r.monsam at intel.com
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Hi Michele,
I have an answer for you. Ok, kind of one. It looks like
we have 5 total students who are interested in the Scuba
Diving. Most of them say that all of the days work for
them. The days I have in mind are the 31st of october,
14th, 15th, 21st, or 22nd of November. Does the $30 cost
count for all of us as in do each of us have to pay $30
each or how does that work? What times on the dates i
listed above would we meet?
Thank you,

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