[Nmabs] Cliff's Amusement Park

Christopher Chavez cchavez367 at cnm.edu
Fri Aug 6 05:28:58 UTC 2010

Hey guys!
This is Chris. Just a reminder, the Cliff's event is tomorrow. We meet 
at the front gates around 2:00 PM. General admission is $2.50 with 
individual rides going for anywhere between $2 and $6. If you would 
prefer, you can get an all-day ride pass, which costs $19.95 if you are 
under 48” tall or $24.95 if you are over 48” tall. This information was 
going to be in the minutes, but Tara couldn't get them off her Pac Mate 
because she doesn't have the charger with her. She's asked mt to 
apologize for her and assure everyone that the minutes from the last 
meeting will be sent out ASAP.

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