[Nmabs] *breaking news*National Association Of Blind Students membership committee presents: Training Centers; a conference call

Darian Smith dsmithnfb at gmail.com
Thu Mar 18 12:02:23 UTC 2010

In the spirit of baseball season- Let's  go for a dubble-header; two
calls for the price of one!
 Please see below announcement
  Happy Late- week fellow  federationests/scholars,

  In response to a very engaging and interesting  list serve string
(or two) on training centers; The National Association of Blind
Students  membership committee  is  pleased to present to you all a
training center’s conference call.
 On this call, we will  talk about  what an  National Federation of
the Blind training center is  and where they and state-ran   training
centers for the blind  tend to differ.
 We also will talk about  informed choice; what it means, why it’s
important, and  hear from individuals who have exercised their right
to informed choice in order to get the  training  they considered best
for themselves.
 And  we, of course will  discuss what  questions, comments, or
topics of interest  anybody wants to add to the conversation.
 All who are interested in going to a training center of some kind, as
well as those who are going or have graduated from a training center
are welcomed to take part in this very informative  and exciting
conference call.
  The call will take place on Sunday March 21st at 5:30 p.m. eastern
time ( an  hour and a half prior to  our “extra curricular activities”
 conference call.
 The call-in  information is  (218)339-3600
 Passcode  is 808277
 *Please note, that this conference line will be  utilized for  only
the training center conference call.  If you are interested in
joining the extra curricular activities conference call that takes
place after  this (you are more than welcome  to take part in both
the number  you’ll want to use is the  phone  number normally used for
the  membership conference  calls (712) 775 – 7100.*
 Thank you for your enthusiasm and great interest; we look forward to
seeing you on the call!
  Aimming  to please, empower and  inform,
 Your friendly nation wide Nabs Membership Committee.

Darian Smith
Skype: The_Blind_Truth
Windows Live: Lightningrod2010 at live.com
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