[Nmabs] Agenda.

Amanda J Youngblood ayoung87 at unm.edu
Fri Nov 12 19:38:02 UTC 2010

Hi, yes I think an hour break between sessions is a good 
idea or perhapps a half hour that way it will be eaisier 
to keep people focused on the seminars and would be a good 
chance to go around and introduce ourselves to people. So 
far I think the agenda looks good. let me know if there is 
any other way I can help. Thanks and see everyone tomarow!

On Wed, 10 Nov 2010 18:55:42 -0700
  "NMABS President" <nmabs.president at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi all,
> I have a draft of the agenda for Saturday's seminar. I 
>need a few
> suggestions.
> 1: what to do between 11:00 and Noon?
> 2: How to split the Breakout Sessions with leaders and 
>if an hour is a good
> amount, too much, or not enough time.
> 3: anything else you want to see on the agenda.
> Thanks,
> Tara
> PS. It's a start, not finalized, please let me know if I 
>got your part
> wrong, if you want to change time slots, or anything 
>like that. Then I can
> send it to the rest of the world. Lol J

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