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New Mexico Association of Blind Students March, Minutes 2011


Meeting called to order at 7:02 pm.


Roll Call


Tara Chavez

Chris Chavez

Josh Brownell

Michael Postlethwait

Amanda Youngblood

Brianne Kotschwar

Terese Garcia

Monica Martinez

Introduction fo guests: We had no guests at this meeting


Treasurer's Report


A total deposit of $55.00 was deposited into the account as of yesterday.
Before this deposit, we had a balance of $805.93. We are still waiting on
two more checks to be deposited into the account before state convention.
Brianne made the motion to approve the treasurer's report. Chris seconded
and the motion carried. We also discussed the possibility of adding on a
savings account, which would prevent us from having to pay monthly fees.
Amanda made the motion to approve the savings account. Josh seconded, and
motion carried.


The minutes were sent out to everyone today and they were received. Chris
made a motion to approve the January minutes as read. Amanda seconded,
motion carries. Amanda motioned to approve the February minutes as read.
Josh seconded, motion carries.



State convention is fast-approaching. The agenda is soon to be finalized.
Two professors from UNM are going to be doing their presentations on how
they assisted blind students in their classrooms. There will also be a piece
on archeology. Also, a few students will be speaking on their perspective on
their experience in college. We will not be holding elections this year
because the constitution states that everyone has a two year term. Terese
motioned that we donate $250.00 to the state scholarship from our treasury.
Amanda seconded, motion carries.


The benefit night at Flying Star was a big success. Brianne also got in
contact with the same person who helped out with the benefit night at
Fuddruckers. Amanda made a motion to have the next benefit night at
Fuddruckers on April 15. Josh seconded, motion carries.

Terese will look into doing benefit nights at Apple bee's and at Deon's

Unfinished Business


Disability awareness Day


Disability awareness Day is Friday, March, 25 from 10:00 AM, until 2:00 PM
on the North side of the Sub. Tara will be there along with Rica and extra
canes. She will explain about guide dogs and how they are used. She will be
bringing the rest of the NFB literature and some mugs for some good
fundraising effort. Michael, Amanda, and Brianne will be at the table at
convention to sell t-shirts and mugs. Our next meeting will be at the state
convention. The following meeting will be the third Sunday in May which is
the 22nd.

The national association of blind Students is putting on two conference
calls on Sunday the 27 at 4:30 mountain time for the summer programs part 2
and 5:00 mountain time for the training centers. The call in information is
712 775-7100 pass code 257963.


Presidential Release for February


If you are planning on going to the national convention, they recommend that
you reserve your room as soon as possible before June, because rooms are
filling up quickly.

Monica moved to adjourn the meeting.

Amanda seconded, motion carries.

Meeting adjourned at 7:58 pm.



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