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NMABS Minutes for November 2011


Meeting called to order at 1:45 PM.


Role Call

David abraham

Amanda Youngblood

Tara Chavez

Chris Chavez

Brianne Kotschwar

Josh Brownell

Lindsay Sloan




The seminar is going to be done at the Skills Center at the New Mexico
commission for the Blind. We will not be doing history, but we will be doing
a technology panel. Daphne will also be talking about how the commission can
help students with employment. Brianne made a motion to not have the phone
accessibility topics. David seconded, motion passed. 

Tara would like to promote the seminar by typing up a flyer and using social
networking such as Facebook. the agenda will be finalized by Monday,
November, 21. Monica, Terese, and Amanda will be doing a panel about 


We will bring shirts, literature, and other items to put out at the table
for the seminar lunch. 


Christmas Party


The christmas party will be held at Tara's house. The Christmas party will
be held from six to ten. We will be also be doing the Secret Santa.

Students please send out your favorite things such as colors, scents, and
other favorites out to the list. 

Christmas Party Pot luck List


Brianne will be bringing chips and salsa. 

David will be bringing cookies. 

Josh will be bringing drinks, and possibly something else. 

Lindsay will be dong salad and/or fruit salad.  Amanda will be bringing
enchilada casserole.

Tara will be bringing peach cobbler. 

Amanda might also be bringing fudge. 

Monica will be bringing paper goods. 

Michael will also be doing paper goods. 

Terese will be bringing chocolate pudding cake or natillas, plus, a
vegetable tray. 

Students please check your emails for more info. 

Meeting adjourned at 2:22 pm. 


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