[Nmabs] Nabs news and notes

Darian Smith dsmithnfb at gmail.com
Mon Jun 13 00:00:01 UTC 2011

Greetings nabsters!

 I wanted to  pass along some things for your knowledge...
1.  If you  attended todays nabs Convention call, thank you!!
some  thanks go to, in particular go to 1st vice-president Karen
Anderson and 2nd Vice-president Sean    Whalen, who took  some time
out  to serve as guest speakers for this call.  As well,   nabs board
member Dominique Lawless,  and  a host of other  folks who  added
their expiriences in the hopes to make the convention    a great time
for you.

 The call was not recorded, but  you may go to www.nabslinkaudio.org
where you can listen to some recorded calls.

2.  Nabs  is looking  for help   with operating some of our most
successful events at convention.  If you   are  interested in
Marshaling (monte carlo, nabs hospitality, nabs business meeting)
being a vote counter/runner at the nabs business meeting,  card dealer
at monte carlo, or  tableing at  the nabs  exhibit hall table,  Please
 feel free to contact me at  dsmithnfb at gmail.com.
3.  If your student division had something that they are selling, and
would like to share table space  at the nabs table  in  the exhibit
hall, you may also contact me.

4. If you have  any suggestions for slate articles, or would like to
write one, you may contact the slate committee at slate at nabslink.org.
 Also, if you should find that you are  interested in assisting with
national membership building projects, or have ideas on how to  help
nabs membership build, or  you evenhave an idea for a membership call
that you would like to moderate... please feel free to E-mail
nabs.membership at gmail.com
5.  Keep a lookout for the student slate, it's coming out soon!  Also,
watch out at convention for those nabs coffie mugs!  that's right...
nabs is selling coffie mugs with a whosit, but not just any type of
whosit, one with micky mouse ears!  you can get it for $10 at the nabs
table, so come  on out and get your coffie mug on!

 That's it for now! See you in orlando!

Darian Smith
Board member/ convention  volunteer coordinator
National Association of Blind Students

“My secret?  See it, and stay focused on it.”

— Shaquille O'Neal

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