[Nmabs] Nabs Still needs your help at national convention!

Darian Smith dsmithnfb at gmail.com
Tue Jun 21 18:09:31 UTC 2011

Hey Tara,
  Sounds  Grand
  Please do let me know what  shift you would like,  I'll be able to
schedule you in just as soon as I have that infromation- Thanks!

On 6/21/11, NMABS President <nmabs.president at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> Please count NM in the fundraising. I don't know which shift(s) I can
> personally help with at this moment, but I am pretty available.
> Tara
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>  Hello Fellow Students,
>   Convention is just around the corner- can you believe it?
>   As you all know,  the National association of blind students is  planning
> a lot of exciting things at national convention. What you may  not know
> however is that we as a board  can't do  all of it ourselves.
>  So we would  very much  appreciate your help in making  The nabs
> activities a success this year!
>   Where we would most appreciate your assistance is in two areas:
>  1.  assistance  in staffing the nabs table  located in the exhibit hall.
>   Here you will be partnered up  with a nabs board member selling  coffie
> mugs and handing out nabs literature.  The schedule  for  tabling looks like
> this:
>   Monday , July 4:
>   Shift  1. 11 a.m. -1 p.m.
>  Shift 2. 1 p.m.  - 3 p.m.
>  Shift 3. 3 p.m. - 5p.m.
>  Tuesday, July 5:
>  shift 4:  9a.m. - 11a.m.
>  Shift 5: 11a.m. - 1 p.m.
>  Shift 6: 1: p.m. - 3p.m.
>  Shift 7. 3p.m. - 5 p.m.
>  Wednesday, July 6:
>  Shift 8: 12 noon - 1:45 p.m.
>  Shift 9: 7 p.m. - 8:30 p.m.
>  Shift 10:  8:30 p.m. - 10p.m.
>  Thursday, July 7:
>  Shift 11: 12 noon - 1:45 p.m.
>  shift 12:  7p.m. - 8p.m.
>  shift 13: 8p.m. - 9p.m.
>  As you can see, we have  thirteen shifts, so  if you contact me with  your
> preference, I will be more  than happy to get you scheduled in!
>   *Note  to state Student division presidents: we would like to  offer  you
> the opportunity to  sell your fundraising items at the nabs table,  if you
> would be willing to  help us staff it.  If so, please  contact
>  me with the times you would be willing to work.    If   your state
>  student division president is not  going to be attending convention,  still
> contact me, and we'll get your division in there to fundraise.
>  2. The Nabs business meeting and elections.   We want to make
>  registration and elections as painless and orderly as possible, and  you
> can absolutely help with  this! We are going to need: individuals  who are
> willing to marshal (you know, those folks that say "nabs
>  meeting: this way!". If you are  loud, we could really use your help
>  here!)
>  We will also need individuals to be "runners". These  individuals will
> help to count ballots in the event that a voice vote is not sufficient  to
> settle a contested election.  These individuals should be willing  to
> collect and count ballot cards in order to  determine the winner of
>   the electoral contest.  It is  strongly recommended that individuals
>  serving in this vital role   do not seek election  to any nabs office,
>  in order to  insure an unbias and fair election for all persons  involved.
>  3. Staffing the nabs monte carlo night fund raiser. This is a great
> opportunity to work shoulder to shoulder with us  in putting together  one
> of our most successful events that we do.  For this we will  need:
>   Individuals who can work  an early shift ( 7:00 p.m. - 9:30 p.m.
>  Those  individuals will be asked to:
>  a.	Marshal.
>  b.	Set up for the event
>  c.	Deal card games( blackjack, poker, holdemand other such games)
>   We will also need Late shift workers (9:30 p.m. - 12:00 a.m.)  Those
> individuals would be asked to:
>  a.	deal card games (blackjack, poker, holdem and other such games)
>  b.	assist with event clean- up and playing  chip  counting.
>  Please let me know what shift(s) you are interested in working  (exhibit
> hall, monte carlo or both), and please include a phone number
>   which we can use to contact you at convention (just in case). If  Monte
> carlo,  please let me know what job you would like to take on,  if you would
> like to deal and what games  you would like to deal  (blackjack, poker,
> holdem or other such games).
>   This is a great opportunity for you to meet the nabs board, and us to  get
> to know you. As well, this is  an equally great opportunity for  you  to
> meet a lot of new people and have some fun at the same time.
>   Please contact me by July 1 if interested.
>   I can be contacted at: dsmithnfb at gmail.com
>   Thank you   so much for your interest  and I look forward to hearing
>  from you all real soon
>   And of course, See you in Orlando!
>  Best,
>    Darian
>   --
>   Darian Smith
>   Board member/ convention  volunteer coordinator
>   National Association of Blind Students
>   "My secret?  See it, and stay focused on it."
>   - Shaquille O'Neal
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Darian Smith

“My secret?  See it, and stay focused on it.”

— Shaquille O'Neal

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