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 atatched is the  bio of Ollie Cantos, former nabs president and
moderator of this call.

On 6/28/11, Darian Smith <dsmithnfb at gmail.com> wrote:
> The below is a combination of announcements from Mary Fernandez who is
>   Coordinating   the election forum to take place coming up.
>  My appoligies if  you got these messages earlier on in the day and
> see this for the second time.
> Hello All:
> I hope this Email finds you doing well. As the NABS elections approach,
> we thought that hosting a Presidential Candidates' Forum would be both
> beneficial and informative for the membership. Thus, we are asking all
> who are interested in voting during the NABS meeting and would like to
> know more about their candidates to participate in this call.
> First, the call will consist of six candidates maximum, who are
> interested in running for the offices of President, First Vice
> President, or Second Vice President. The candidates will be given a set
> time to make opening remarks with random selection to be made by the
> moderator in advance.  Then, they will be asked questions which the
> membership will have provided and, finally, they will have time to make
> concluding statements. If time permits, they will also take questions
> from the floor before making concluding remarks.  The time allotted for
> each candidate to deliver statements and answer questions will depend
> both on the number of candidates who choose to participate in the Forum
> and the number of questions submitted.  The call is not expected to last
> any longer than one hour.
> In order for the membership to submit questions, I will be creating a
> Survey Monkey form, which we can use to submit our questions. All
> questions must be submitted by noon on Wednesday in order for them to be
> considered. Furthermore, this survey will allow you to indicate whether
> you are intending to run for an office and be part of this forum.
> In order to make the call objective, Ollie Cantos, who is not affiliated
> with the student division but who is a Federationist and past president
> of NABS, will serve as our moderator. I am attaching his biography with
> this Email. Ollie  will be sorting through the questions from the Survey
> Monkey results and selecting which will be posed to the candidates.
> In order for this Forum to be effective, we have set a few parameters,
> so that the call can be objective, informative, and fair to all those
> who want to participate.
>       1. Because of time constraints, the offices will be limited to
> the positions of President, 1st
> Vice President, and 2nd Vice President.
>       2. These candidates will be given a set time for an
> introduction, time to answer questions from the membership, and time to
> make concluding remarks.
>       3. Those who are running for the previously-mentioned offices,
> except for the office of President, must indicate via Survey Monkey
> their desire to be a part of the forum as a candidate. If more than two
> people are intending to run for the same office and wish to participate
> in the Forum, every effort will be made to accommodate each candidate.
> If the total number of candidates wishing to participate in the Forum
> exceeds 6, only the first 6 names received (2 for President and the
> remainder for the other offices) will be able to participate in the
> Candidate Forum.
>       4. Once we get a set count of the candidates participating, we
> will send out a breakdown of the time frames. Note that if you are
> participating as a candidate, you will be stopped, even if it is
> mid-sentence by our Moderator, once time is up.  He will make every
> attempt to give 30-second warnings before time is set to expire.
> Finally, having read all the postings regarding elections that have been
> written in the last two weeks, I sincerely hope that we all make an
> effort to be on this call. This is your chance to let your voice be
> heard and to ask questions of your candidates! I will create the Survey
> Monkey soon, and post the link. In the meantime, be thinking about what
> you want to know about your candidates before July 4th.
> Candidates' Forum
> Date: Wednesday June 29, 2011
> Time: 7:30 PM EST
> Phone: 712-775-7100
> Passcode: 257963
> Below you will find the link to the survey for the NABS Candidates' Forum!
> The survey has very broad categories under which you can write your
> questions.
> Please take the time to take a look at this. It should not take more
> than 5 minutes or so, depending on how many questions you have!
> Thanks!
> http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/Z6W5J5Q

Darian Smith

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