[nobe-l] Sutton quizzes

Anita Adkins Aadkins at BISM.org
Tue Nov 4 13:06:36 UTC 2008

Hi Courtney:

I received this message from the nobe-l mailing list.  I am a little
confused about it.  It sounds like something you were intending to send
to an instructor unless I am out of the loop about a program or
something.  Anita 

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Hello, here are the first several Sutton quizzes, please let me know if
you recieve them. For some reason I had recieved a message saying they
werent delivered the first time.
Also, I havn't gotten the quizzess for this past sunday, could you
resend them? And reguarding the speaker on Thursday, would you like us
to write a short opinion of the lecture? What would you like us to do to
get the extra credit ?
Thank you,
Cortney O.

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