[nobe-l] Hello and question

Brandy with Discovery Toys branlw at sbcglobal.net
Tue Oct 28 00:06:24 UTC 2008

Hi, Ok so you say that you can get an aid. Think about the highering process 
you and 10 other people apply for a job. you are all new to the field and 
have equal qualifications, but you need an aid just who are they going to 
higher? I have worked in a variety of grades from Preschool to grade 5. I 
will share some things that have worked for me, but I hope some of the more 
seasoned teachers will share.

First get to know your students. Know their names, voices, where they sit, 
who they hang out with etcetera. Then establish a routeen, and high 
expectations. Even my 5 year-olds have learned when they join my center they 
say John is here, or when they want to talk they say their name out loud. 
Its just a different way of doing things, but it can work. I also have 
assigned places for them on the carpet, and I have them in color groups so 
when I desmiss them to things I say red group and I know who is moving about 
the room. I keep the kids busy and ingaged. An engaged busy child is much 
less likely to cause problems. This leaves you with the last few children 
who you may need to keep an extra eye on.

Hope this helps,


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