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Brandy with Discovery Toys branlw at sbcglobal.net
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Hi, Some people already have a clue about what you may request as an 
accommodation. I want to teach on equal grounds, and don't think getting an 
aid is necessary.
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> ?Brandy you dont mention an aid until after you are hired. You should not 
> discuss accomidations at all until after hired it is illegal for them to 
> evne ask you about them.> From: branlw at sbcglobal.net> To: 
> nobe-l at nfbnet.org> Date: Mon, 27 Oct 2008 19:06:24 -0500> Subject: Re: 
> [nobe-l] Hello and question> > Hi, Ok so you say that you can get an aid. 
> Think about the highering process > you and 10 other people apply for a 
> job. you are all new to the field and > have equal qualifications, but you 
> need an aid just who are they going to > higher? I have worked in a 
> variety of grades from Preschool to grade 5. I > will share some things 
> that have worked for me, but I hope some of the more > seasoned teachers 
> will share.> > First get to know your students. Know their names, voices, 
> where they sit, > who they hang out with etcetera. Then establish a 
> routeen, and high > expectations. Even my 5 year-olds have learned when 
> they join my center they > say John is here, or when they want to talk 
> they say their name out loud. > Its just a different way of doing things, 
> but it can work. I also have > assigned places for them on the carpet, and 
> I have them in color groups so > when I desmiss them to things I say red 
> group and I know who is moving about > the room. I keep the kids busy and 
> ingaged. An engaged busy child is much > less likely to cause problems. 
> This leaves you with the last few children > who you may need to keep an 
> extra eye on.> > Hope this helps,> > Bran > > > 
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