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I'm in agreement with using an aide as a reasonable accommodation for tasks
that divert from teaching.  Where it gets tricky is the consideration of
doing the teaching job, aide or no aide, because some days they're sick, or
their kids are sick, or for one reason or another they cannot be there.  So
each teacher has to know he/she will be teaching, aide or no aide.  If an
aide doesn't come in, be ready to alter strategies.
Yes, there is violence in schools; interestingly, women usually have an
easier time breaking up fights than men. I have my opinions why, but maybe
this list doesn't have space for that. It's taking nothing away from men
teachers to say that sometimes aggressive male students see an adversary
they might wish were otherwise engaged.
I don't know how much say an applicant currently has, but I'd choose a
smaller, less crowded and non-violent school whenever possible. Budget cuts
are pretty much ensuring over crowding these days.
Recently (now that I've shared about fights at school with the boys) the
girl gangs have been more violent than the boys - weapons and all.  They
wouldn't hesitate to jam anyone, teacher or not.
some days i long to teach in japan or korea, where they have their share of
violence but teachers are still respected, bowed to, gifted, and honored.

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Wow, you guys have provided alot of information. Thanks.  I must agree, it
would be nice to find a way not to need an aide in the classroom, however I
know classroom management/ issues will vary with grades.  Obviously, since I
have no experience as a real teacher I don't know what will work and what
will not. Therefore, just hearing your opinions is helpful.  In regards to
emails about not having an aide in the classroom, how would you propose high
school teachers deal with their students?  I know students at this age level
can be more sneaky and violant then at other ages.  Thanks for all the info
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