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The newest THOUGHT PROVOKER #148 is a reality check --- for who? If you have
not read the PROVOKER, it follows.  Recall that I collect responses and post
them upon my web site for all the WWW to read and learn from and that URL
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By Guest Author
David Lafleche

"Well, what do you think?"  Mister Jones asked hopefully.

Mister Smith, the network programming director, shuffled through the stack
of scripts with a puzzled look on his face.  This was not a good sign.  He
finally replied, choosing his words carefully.  "It's an unusual idea for a
show, but it will never work."

"Why not?" Mister Jones asked.  "You said the writing was good, and the
characters were well-developed.  What's wrong?"

"It's the characters themselves," Mister Smith sighed.  "I mean, come on.
It's bad enough that your male lead wears glasses; but the blind girls?  Two
handicapped people in the same show?"

"Their blindness is hereditary," Mister Jones explained.  "Caroline could
serve as a role model for Rhoda.  Besides, I figured that a disability would
add depth to the characters, expand possibilities for plots and dialogue,
and so on."

"Maybe so," Mister Smith grudgingly agreed.  "But our focus groups don't
like it.  People who might watch this show would be creeped out by having
two handicapped people to look at."

"Ah, but I've countered that!" Mister Jones rebutted.  "Caroline and Rhoda
are always working, smiling, or teaching something.  They try to be
constructive.  What's so creepy about that?"

Mister Smith struggled to excuse himself.  "Well, uh, two handicapped
females with an upbeat attitude?  Yeah, right.  Besides, you've made these
girls too smart!  Handicapped girls aren't going to be popular; but giving
them high I.Q.s?  That's way over the top.  Now, this 'Caroline' character
is blonde, right?  So make her a bit more dumb.  That's funnier.  And Rhoda
might work, if she dressed up in Goth style, and frowned a little more."
"I know where you're going with that," Mister Jones objected.  "Caroline
will not be 'dumb.'  I want her respectable.  And Rhoda may be blind, but
she isn't bitter.  I don't do that 'Disease-of-the-Week' stuff."

"Can't you at least make them some kind of superhero team?"

"It's been done."

Mister Smith finally cracked a smile.  "That's what sells."

"No, that's what you hope sells.  What's the point of doing a TV show, if I
have to write like everyone else?  I might as well Xerox everything."

"My sentiments exactly, Mister Jones.  There's no point in you trying.
Nobody will believe your show in a million years."

"Oh, sure," Mister Jones rebutted sarcastically.  "But put a British geek on
a flying broomstick, and THAT they'll believe."

"Fantasy gives younger viewers hope," Mister Smith replied.  "But
handicapped people are unnerving.  Two of them is too much."

Robert Leslie Newman 
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