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Bookshare: Books Without Barriers

Bookshare and NIMAC Announcement

NIMAC books:

To find NIMAC books, go to: 

<mailto:nimacrequest at bookshare.org>Then email us 
to request the book be added to Bookshare

Dear David Andrews:

Have you heard the good news? There is a simple 
new NIMAC process that will enable Bookshare to 
provide NIMAC books to your students in a week or 
less at no cost, thanks to funding from the U.S. 
Department of Education, Office of Special Education Programs.

You can now name Bookshare as one of your 
Authorized Users (AU) at the NIMAC. You need to 
sign an updated NIMAC coordination agreement, 
which the NIMAC recently sent directly to all 
NIMAC state coordinators, and then appoint 
Bookshare as an AU. The new coordination 
agreement is available online at the NIMAC's 
website at: 

Then, when one of your students needs a book:
    * Any public school staff person (including 
classroom teachers, special educators and 
librarians) can send an email to 
<mailto:nimacrequest at bookshare.org>nimacrequest at bookshare.org 
requesting the book after confirming that it's in 
the NIMAC at: 
We just need to know the title, author, publisher and/or ISBN number.
    * We'll download the book, convert it into 
accessible digital text formats (DAISY and BRF) 
within a week and let the requestor know the book is in Bookshare.
    * The requestor logs into their Bookshare 
account and downloads the book for a qualified 
student with an IEP. Two different accessible 
software packages that read the books are also 
available free for download, as well as high quality synthetic speech.

After you send the AU request to the NIMAC, we 
will inform those educators in your jurisdiction 
who are Bookshare Members about the process and 
we'll include the information in communications 
to appropriate personnel in all districts, regardless of Bookshare membership.

Together, let's get accessible textbooks flowing 
smoothly from the NIMAC to students in a timely manner!

Best regards,

The Bookshare Team
Ideas That Work

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