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Casey Harper clharper at msn.com
Sat Mar 28 19:28:21 UTC 2009

Hi all:

My name is Casey and I am a student teacher certifying in PK-12 Music Education. I am curious about some techniques you all use in your classrooms as blind teachers in order to manage your classrooms etc. I wondered if any of you have strategies for successfully using positive discipline methods with your students (any grade level), and how you work to reduce nonverbal misbehavior if you cannot see the problems.  I am totally blind and know that students often take advantage of this, especially in the elementary and middle school years, with nonverbal gestures and things they should not be doing that I cannot detect through auditory means. What about finding particular students exibiting wonderful behaviors and rewarding them with positive attention without giving the praise to the wrong child? I am curious about any other adaptations you have found successful as well with any aspect of class room management, assessment strategies, and distribution/pick up of materials and transitions between activities. I want my classroom to be safe for me and students during activities, but especially during transitions, while avoiding kaos of moving instruments from point A to point B. Also, have you found effective ways to grade/assess when students' papers are in print without using an aid?


Thank you for entertaining all these questions! I know I threw a lot of questions out, but I want to be as effective as possible in the classroom and be as independent as possible.




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