[nobe-l] Corrected E-mail Address in Study Request

Riccobono, Mark MRiccobono at nfb.org
Thu Oct 15 15:35:43 UTC 2009

Please note that the original copy of the below message went out with 
an incorrect e-mail address to respond if you are interested in 
participating. The correct e-mail address is 
<mailto:fmd22 at pitt.edu>fmd22 at pitt.edu. Our apologies for this error.


Dear Students,

Please see the below announcement about an opportunity to participate 
in some important Braille and technology related research.  This 
research will help provide some important data to the field so we 
encourage you to participate if you fit the criteria. Let your voice 
be heard.

Thank you,

Mark A. Riccobono

Executive Director, Jernigan Institute



[Flyer for Students: Announcement of Study]

Seeking Students for Research Study

Students who are between the ages of 16 and 22 years who are Braille 
readers and users of assistive technology are needed for a study. 
This study will explore how you use both Braille and electronic 
information for classroom work, and how you learned these literacy 
practices. The purpose of this research will be to add to our 
understanding of the current role of both hard-copy (paper) Braille 
and use of electronic access to information by people who are blind 
from ages 16-22, and your attitudes and perceptions about both 
Braille and technology. This information will inform how we prepare 
pre-service teachers to instruct young Braille readers.

If you are interested in participating in this study or getting more 
information, please contact me via email 
at  <mailto:fmd22 at pitt.edu>fmd22 at pitt.edu, by calling 412-521-5797, 
or by writing to me at:

Frances Mary D'Andrea

5513 Posvar Hall

University of Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh PA 15260

If you are under 18, you MUST have your parents' or guardians' 
permission. A consent form will be send to you in braille or 
electronically after you verify that you are:

1. between the ages of 16-22

2. a student enrolled in school

3. a braille reader

4. a user of electronic assistive technology devices, hardware, or software.

If you are under 18, your parents will also receive a consent form 
that must be signed before you can participate.

Let me know if you have any questions. Thank you for your interest!

Frances Mary D'Andrea

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