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        Another topic which personally I'd find interesting would be to 
compare scores on standardized tests, visually-impaired/blind against 
non-disabled students.  A longitudinal study of a set period of time could 
yueld some interesting results.  The Heath Foundation at George Washington 
U., NIDRR, and and various state departments of education should be able to 
provide you data.

Good luck,


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> Hello.
> I am helping a friend out who is taking a graduate research class.
> She needs to do a lit review and proposal based on her field of study.
> She is preparing to be a Teacher of blind students.
> The Lit review and proposal must be quantative.
> What her and I are having problems finding is a topic in the field of 
> blindness that needs further study.
> Here is one idea that we came up with.
> Any others as well as suggested literature searches would be appreciated.
> The topic that we thought that might possibly work is comparing blind and 
> visually impaired students who are in residential schools, to children who 
> are in public school, or in a self-contained program in the public school.
> How they learn skills of blindness.
> How they adapt socially, and or how they learn and develop social skills.
> Any other suggestions of topics would be appreciated.
> Melissa Green
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