[nobe-l] Quietly I introduce myself

Hope Paulos hope.paulos at maine.edu
Fri Feb 12 02:22:30 UTC 2010

Hi Matt. Just wanted to wwish you luck on the praxis exams. I passed the 
first time around, but barely passed math. Passed it by the skin of my 
Take care! <smile>
Hope and Beignet
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>I use mostly Yahoo! Messenger and MSN Messenger but it doesn't take much to
> get signed up on AIM if you need someone to chat with from time to time.
> Where do you go to get your online course for your teaching credential? 
> I'm
> currently a student at UCA with a History major. I originally was going to
> get my teaching degree but couldn't pass the PRAXIS exam to get into the
> education program. So I'm going to get my bachelor of science in history 
> and
> minor in business administration at the end of this year (December 2010) 
> and
> then work on an online course classes to obtain my teaching degree after I
> work on this PRAXIS exam without the stress of doing other school work at
> the same time. Why is it hard for me? Well, I'm 47 years old and not 18, 
> 19,
> ro 20 like most of my education major classmates where they've been taught
> the more recent way of reading, writing, and math. Where I'm still old
> school taught. I'm learning but I just need the time to get pass it 
> quicker
> and to have a clear head too.
> Well I'm interested in your courses and stuff.
> Matt Friend
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