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RE: White Canes and Windmills 


The new TP shows a school aged boy readying himself to go off to face his
peers with his new long white cane for the very first time. Check out what
seems to help him? If you have not read the PROVOKER, it follows.  Recall
that I collect responses and post them upon my web site for all the WWW to
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White Canes and Windmills


In his bedroom, Danny picked up his long white cane, his first. Its weight
was easy to handle. Holding it up and straight out before him, he gave it a
tentative sword-like, back-and-forth swish. This would be his first day
using it at school and he couldn't kid himself, he was nervous about how
people would react to him.


"Danny," his mother called up to him from downstairs. "Come down. You need
to start walking to school, son." 


"Sixty seconds, Mom." Lowering the cane, positioning it at center, Danny
tapped it left to right in the two-point touch method he had been taught.
"Wonder what the girls will think?" Danny looked inward and began to


It was a warm day. It was after school and he was walking home, using his
new cane. At Maple and Main, the usual group of snooty girls was gathered,
visiting. Danny knew they saw him coming; his stride was confident,
shoulders back, head up, swinging in a steady rhythm, arching his cane, not
staring down at shuffling feet like before. He was truckin'!


DING-DING, the ice-cream truck drove by. 


"Oh, stop, stop!" Cried all the girls, but the truck kept on rolling down
the street.


"I'll stop him!" In his dream, Danny leaps forward; cane flashing; he
sprints down the walk; catches up with the truck; reaches out and taps the
windshield with his cane tip; the truck stops.


"Danny." his mother calls again. 


"Yes Mom, just 40 seconds." Feeling excited about what he might be able to
use his cane for, Danny lifts it up, this time in the on-guard sword
position. In his fantasy he is now on the neighborhood playground, walking
with his cane and . . .


"Hey Squint, where's your magnifying glasses and what's that wimpy stick?"
The blunt end of a baseball bat poked into Danny's stomach, punctuating the
bully's last word.


Danny jumps back, whirls a three-sixty and with the tip of his cane flicks
the bully's baseball hat off his head. 


"Hey!" Taken by surprise, the bully retaliates, swinging the bat. 


The WHOOSH of the oncoming danger cues Danny to step back and the bat swings
by harmlessly. Countering with his trusty cane, Danny steps forward and
spanks the bully sharply on the seat of his pants.


"OUCH! Grrr, I'll get you for that!" Bat pulled back for another swing, the
bully leaps forward.


Danny jumps onto a lower rung of a set of climbing bars; the bully swings
again; Danny sidesteps; RING the bat strikes the bars; the bat brakes; the
bully yells with the pain of the splintering wood in his hands; Danny
thrusts out, inserting the dirty tip of his cane into the bully's open


"Danny?" His mother's voice brings him back. "Are you coming?"


"Twenty seconds, Mom." Danny's pumped, his thoughts are racing, seeing great
potential for him and his new cane; maybe even school-wide fame. . .


The scene is the crowded school's playground. He visualizes the towering
structures of the wind turbines lining the edge of the school's property.
This was recess and the kids were doing what they've done since the
windmills were built--they watched the whirling propellers, boasting on what
they'd do if they could climb the towers. 


Walking out in front of all the gathered students, Danny snaps on a hook to
the tip-end of his cane; he jumps skyward; he hooks a blade as it swings
down; he is lifted up and rides around waving to the astonishment and
admiration of all. 


"Danny, you need to come down, now!"


"Yes, Mom." New cane in hand, Danny speeds downstairs, ready to tackle the


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