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David Andrews dandrews at visi.com
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>July 2010 Book Club Selection
>Froggy Eats Out
>By Jonathan London
>Print/braille edition, $5.99
>In contracted braille
>Ages 4-8
>It's Froggy's parents' anniversary, so the family heads out to Chez Yum,
>a hoity-toity restaurant with tablecloths and flower-filled vases. If
>you know anything about Froggy, you know this means trouble!
>Froggy only has a few rules to remember - "Be neat, be quiet, and don't
>put your feet on the table" - but it's absolutely not that simple.
>Froggy fidgets, shakes salt on his hand and licks it, bangs his spoon on
>the table, flips his spoon (bonk! oops!), pulls petals off flowers,
>sucks on sugar cubes (and ice cubes), and then simply must flop around
>singing. Just as he's getting down to actually eating, he spies his
>pretty classmate Frogilina, and an embarrassed Froggy ducks under the
>tablecloth, sending the spaghetti and sauce flying. The whole family
>gives up and heads to a local diner for burgers and flies.
>This fine addition to the much-loved Froggy series serves as a
>lighthearted way to approach table etiquette - but mostly it's just good
>messy fun.
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