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David Andrews dandrews at visi.com
Fri Jun 11 05:19:18 UTC 2010

>I have been asked to circulate the following.  She is looking for 
>people in Massachusetts, or in the Northeast who could travel to MIT.


>Lindsay Yazzolino
>E-mail: <mailto:Lindsay3.14 at gmail.com>Lindsay3.14 at gmail.com
>Cell: (425( 417-9239
>We are neuroscientists in the MIT Department of Brain and Cognitive
>Sciences. We are interested in how early experiences affect how the
>brain develops. Sighted children use some parts of their brain to see;
>do these brain regions learn new functions in children who are blind?
>We are looking for children aged 4-14 years, who are totally blind, who
>would like to participate in our studies of brain development.
>During the study the child will play fun games with researchers that
>involve listening to stories and sounds.  Some of the games will be
>played while we take pictures of the child's brain with MRI (magnetic
>resonance imaging), which uses a large magnet to record brain activity.
>MRI is safe for children. By imaging the brain while children listen to
>stories or sounds, we hope to relate this information to brain structure
>and activity.
>Children who participate receive gift certificates, books, and other
>small prizes. They will also get a chance to talk to scientists and
>learn about their brain. We will reimburse travel expenses for the
>children and their family.
>To be eligible, children must be totally blind, speak English fluently,
>and have no neurological or psychiatric conditions.
>Visits can be scheduled at your convenience on weekends or weekdays at
>our facilities on the MIT campus.
>For more information please contact:
>Marina Bedny
><mailto:mbedny at bidmc.harvard.edu>mbedny at bidmc.harvard.edu
>617) 286 2341

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