[nobe-l] Suggestions for Classroom Management

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Depends on the situation, Kristin.  Sometimes, talking to him in the hall and using words about respect and being disappointed  in his choices works.  Sometimes a parent/teacher/student conference can help.  Sometimes a q/a with all kids able to ask blindness questions gets things out there, increases that rapport, and proactively eliminates future problems.  If things are extreme, administration is always there to offer their options and back me up, though blindness things have never gotten that far.  I'll be honest that sometimes, the bad moments still hurt badly enough for tears when the kids are gone.  Sometimes they tick me off too.  Mostly, I just get through them with the awareness that kids are imperfect little beings who look for ways to exploit people's weaknesses in general, just like many aduls do, unfortunately.  If they know someone is a softy, they can play on that.  If they know someone drifts onto tangents pretty easily, they can play on that.  If they know a person is into sports, they can play on that.  Blindness is just another one of those opportunities, but unfortunately, it can feel way more personal sometimes.  Because I have too thin of skin and am super hard on myself, I can let things get to feeling very personal when I really shouldn't.  I can say that this Friday evening when spring break has just started because classroom things are rosy right now, especially with a week off!  Smile!  But, it is a process of continually trying to make it work and believing that it can.  That is my answer and non-answer.  You are not alone in any challenges, though, even though you are not in a huge community of people doing what you are doing.  Unfortunately, there are relatively few blind teachers in regular classrooms, so good for you to reach out and ask.  I am only an expert on what works for me, but you are definitely working on becoming an expert on what works for you.

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> Thank you, Kathy. I’ve been doing some of those things already, but
> it was helpful to know I’m doing the right thing and what else I can
> do. What have you done when a student tried to exploit your
> blindness?
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