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>May 2010 Book Club Selection
>I Just Forgot: A Little Critter Book
>By Mercer Mayer
>Print/braille edition, $5.00
>In contracted braille
>Ages 4-8
>This book is a very realistic portrayal of how children remember things,
>or forget things. Here, Little Critter forgets to feed the dog, but not
>the fish - "the fish just didn't look hungry!" He didn't forget to take
>his boots off - he's going back out in the rain! He won't forget to put
>away his toys - oops, maybe he *did* forget. The story has a nice ending
>when the boy expresses that he never forgets to have his mom read him a
>bedtime story and give her a goodnight kiss.
>"This book reminds me of me and my brother because we always forget to
>do our chores, but we never forget to tell our parents we love them and
>tell them goodnight."
>-Ashley [Amazon reviewer]
>"Pretty funny stuff, if my nieces are any indication"
>- Connie U., New York
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