[nobe-l] Using the BrailleNote to Write on a Projector

Harry Hogue harryhogue at yahoo.com
Thu May 13 05:54:18 UTC 2010



I have recently spoken with my local DSB office about purchasing a
BrailleNote to connect to a projector for when I wish to write things up on
a projector, I have the Braille, the visual display, and then, of course, I
can also type immediately in order to write students examples, write
students' answers, and the like.  I recently completed a semester of
teaching Spanish at my local university as an adjunct and am going back for
my master's degree, but is what I have described here a realistic use for
this device?  If it is not, I welcome any suggestions on other devices for
the purpose.  I am also looking to be productive in the classroom, as I will
be dealing with varying texts, etc. where Braille is crucial.


Thank you all for your time.  I am new to this list.


Harry Hogue

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