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Let's Learn Shapes with Shapely-CAL
By Shirley Keller and Irma Goldberg
In print/braille format with tactile illustrations, Ages 4-10, $35.00

Blind children learn by touching. And what better way to learn about
squares, triangles, circles, and wavy lines than by getting acquainted with

"Let's Learn Shapes with Shapely-CAL," developed by Creative Adaptations for
Learning (CAL), is a book of poetry - in large print and braille, plus
raised, textured illustrations that can be read by blind children and adults
without the intervention of a sighted person. Learners can "see" how shapes
combine to form objects, complex scenes and actions, while enhancing
pre-braille readiness skills.

In this delightful 21-page tactile shape book, Shapely-CAL rises up to
introduce your child to all the many shapes that make up our world - from
raindrops to footballs. Every child in the classroom, blind and sighted, and
every member of the family will have hours of fun with Shapely-CAL!

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