[nobe-l] hi all

Elizabeth Phillips evp at email.arizona.edu
Wed Aug 17 23:44:11 UTC 2011

Hi Everyone,
I am new to this list and thought I'd introduce myself.  I'm a philosophy
graduate student at the University of Arizona.  As part of our program and
also to secure funding, we are teaching assistants for various lower-level
undergraduate courses.  I've been teaching mostly philosophy ethical theory
and applied ethics discussion sections, but I also was the TA for one course
where we discussed personal identity and philosophy of mind.

I'm totally blind and was very excited to realize that there is a list like
this out there.  I'd love to connect with other blind teachers and exchange
tips on how to deal with some of the issues that come up specifically for
people who are blind with regard to interacting with students, memorizing
names, presenting class material without use of a board,  and other things
of that sort.  

I'm glad to meet everyone here.


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