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Kathy McGillivray kjm at usfamily.net
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While PowerPoint is accessible and can be used independently if you're just 
putting up a lecture outline or something, people generally use them for 
pictures, graphics, and other visual information. If all I'm using it for is 
a lecture outline, I'm not sure it's worth it. When I teach college classes, 
I do use PowerPoint, but I do get sighted assistance. It means I can 
construct PowerPoints which have more visual interest and feel more 
confident in what I am using. That's just me, though, and you will need to 
decide what works best for you.

Kathy McGillivray
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> As a university prof I've used powerpoint for almost ten years mostly for 
> lecture outlines. It took me a couple of weeks of self training using the 
> special instructional manual I purchased from Iowa, and the outcome has 
> been wonderful. If you master the Jaws commands for ppt you don't need 
> sighted help unless you do something visual such as charts, maps, etc. I 
> personally cannot imagine lecturing a large class without ppt. Make sure 
> your fonts are consistent. Don't clutter your slides: students tend to 
> copy everything verbatim, which discourages thinking and distracts them 
> from paying attention to the lecture. Don't be self-conscious about asking 
> students if you're not sure about the visual layout. University students 
> are adult enough to cut you a slack as long as it's not a routine problem.
> As for identifying students by names and voices, use brailled index cards 
> for attendance. Read the name, exchange a few niceties with the student 
> about his/her weekend so as to register the voice and location, etc. If 
> the student is absent flip the card over Braille facing down, and move on. 
> Enter the absence list in your office computer before next class.
> FG
>   At 10:41 AM 22/08/2011, Jenna and Bilko wrote:
>>Powerpoint is accessible with jaws, but it's a pain in the butt if you
>>can't see exactly how things look on the page, so I'd recomend having
>>someone look it over before you use it. Just my oppinion, and if
>>anybody has any tips on how to use ppt more eficiantly they'd be
>>greatly appreciated! :)
>>Jenna and Guide "Sargent" Bilko
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