[nobe-l] Give blind-low vision students the advantage

Dr. Denise M Robinson deniserob at gmail.com
Fri Dec 9 16:25:33 UTC 2011

Microsoft has blessed all of us with keystrokes in their software. Anything
you can do with a mouse, you can do faster with a keystroke. If you can
start a child young enough, by kindergarten they can be typing out their
work in Word and reading it from a braille display, faster than their
peers. The best thing about this technology is they can exceed anyone's
ideas about what they can truly achieve.

Another great point is, even if your child is behind today, they can catch
up relatively quickly with the use of technology. Watch how quickly
keystrokes can achieve a task: Lessons with

Then go back and see how fast you can do these tasks with a mouse. Now
envision the potential for using all the available keystrokes already built
into Microsoft products and combine them with talking software and you will
have a blind/low vision child reach beyond the stars.


Denise M. Robinson, TVI, Ph.D.
CEO, TechVision
Virtual Instructor for blind/low vision
Email:  yourtechvision at gmail.com <deniserob at gmail.com>
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