[nobe-l] Blindness Blog

Anita Adkins aadkins7 at verizon.net
Sun Jan 16 00:19:17 UTC 2011


I am writing because, this year, I have decided to include blogs by other blind people on various topics or blogs by sighted people on topics related to blindness in someway within posts on the Blindness Blog. If interested in my including your blog, please provide me with the direct address for your blog and one to two sentences telling me what the blog is about. In the subject line, write blindness blog/blindness and in the body of the email, place the blog address and descriptive sentences. Email it to me at aadkins7 at verizon.net
I will maintain the right to not include your blog, but I am hoping I can include all blogs because the Blindness Blog is a place to teach and learn about various aspects of living with blindness, from types of employment, to hobbies, to how blind people are educated, and beyond. Note that I may not include a listing of blogs on each post as this will depend on how many blogs I have. I hope to include them at least every other week. Thanks. Anita

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