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Hi Robby -- welcome to the list! I'm a Ph.D.  student in English 
and will be teaching at the college level when I finish my 
program, so I can't answer your questions from personal 
experience, but here are a couple of resources I wondered if you 
knew about.

   First, are you familiar with the book Teachers who are Blind 
or Visually Impaired by Deborah Kendrick? It profiles 18 
teachers, several of whom teach in the public school system, and 
discusses their strategies for classroom management, etc.

   Also, if you haven't already, check out  www.blindteachers.net  
for more profiles of successful blind teachers at all levels.

   Finally, you might want to sign up with  
www.afb.org/careerconnect/.  This website allows you to search 
for and connect with blind individuals in many areas of 
employment.  I've gotten some wonderful tips from the English 
professors I've talked with through the site, and I'm sure you'd 
find people who could answer your questions as well.

   Anyway, hope this helps!

Good luck!


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I am a Spanish major about to finish up in the spring.  I am 
considering going on to get my masters to teach Spanish but I 
have some concerns.  I have been told that it is unrealistic to 
think that I would ever be hired in a public school system as a 
blind person, mostly due to difficulty with disciplinary issues.  
Are there any blind public school teachers on this list?  Could 
anyone provide me with some feedback on this concern?  I have 
been told, however, that blind people have been more successful 
teaching in private schools or the university level.

Robert Spangler
The University of Toledo
Senior, Urban Studies and Spanish
robert.spangler at rockets.utoledo.edu

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