[nobe-l] CCSS and NGSS accessible copy?

Shaheen, Natalie NShaheen at nfb.org
Mon Dec 17 13:14:40 UTC 2012

Does anyone have--or know where one could obtain--accessible copies of the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) English Language Arts, CCSS mathematics, and the Next Generation Science Standards (may 2012 draft)? I've found the publicly available PDFs inaccessible and frustrating to work with. I have a raw OCR of the CCSS-ELA standards, and I can of course OCR and clean up the other documents as well. But if someone has already done the work, I don't want to reinvent the wheel. I've looked on BookShare, and though I see many books about how to use the CCSS and then text books aligned to the CCSS, I don't find the actual standards.

Thanks in advance for any help. If these docs are not publicly available in an accessible format, I will do my best in my free time to OCR and clean-up copies for myself and then distribute them. I don't have a lot of "free time" and these are massive documents with about a million inaccessible tables, so don't hold your breath. *smile*

Natalie Shaheen

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